Corporate Finance
General data
Course Title  Corporate Finance
ECTS credits  6
Course Code  46312
Type of Course  Compulsory
Year and Semester of Study                     Second year / Winter semester
Course Website
Department  Department of Managerial Economics
Course Coordinator  Professor Silvije Orsag, Ph.D.
Instructors  Assistant Professor Lidija Dedi, PhD, Assistant Professor Danijela Miloš    Sprčić, PhD
Assistants  Antonija Kožul, M.Sc., Denis Dolinar, B.Sc., Davor Zoričić, M.Sc
Type of Degree Program  Business / Economics
Major  -
Hours per Semester  60
Language of Instruction  English
Class Schedule  Schedule 

Course Objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Understanding of economic value and basic financial concepts. Acquiring knowledge in financial management. Acquiring knowledge in risk measuring, cost of capital function and valuation procedures and value management. Adopting basic knowledge in financial efficiency of investment projects and basic capital budgeting decision rules. Understanding the flow of funds in business processes and trade-off funds management and funds financing. Understanding of basic issues of debt, capital structure and dividend policy.
Course Contents
1. General information on Corporate Finance course
2. Overview of financial management
3. Financial environment
4. Risk and return
5. Economic value
6. Bond valuation
7. Stock valuation
8. Cost of capital
9. The basics of capital budgeting
10. Cash flow estimation
11. Long-term financing
12. Capital structure
13. Dividend policy
14. Introduction to working capital management
15. Introduction to off-balance sheet financing
Methods of Instruction
Lectures, seminars, workshops, written assignments,  solving practical problems, individual work
Required Reading

Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston, Fundamentals of Financial Management, 10th edition, South-Western, Mason, Ohio, 2004

Additional Reading

S. A. Ross, R. W. Westerfield, J. Jaffe, Corporate Finance, 7th edition, Irwin, McGraw-Hill, 2005.
R. A. Brealey and S. C. Myers, F. Allen, Principles of Corporate Finance, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2006
S. Orsag, Financiranje emisijom vrijednosnih papira, RIFIN, 2008.
S, Orsag, Budžetiranje kapitala, Masmedia, 2002.

Student Obligations
Active participation in all forms of teaching activities.
Keeping in touch with contemporary professional literature. Writing essays about contemporary subjects. 
Method of Assessment
Assessment will be carried out throughout the semester  (lectures, seminars, individual solving of problems and cases). The final grade will be based on this knowledge assessment, as well as on the written and oral exam. Different forms of knowledge assessment throughout the semester make up 40% of the grade, the final written exam 40 % and oral exam 20 %.
Exam Application
Exam application kiosk (ISVU studomat)
Course Prerequisites
Additional Information

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