Radovi / Publications

Radovi u Current Contents časopisima / Articles in Current Contents journals:

  1. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D., Šerić, M., Krešić, D. (2017). Campsite choice and the camping tourism experience: Investigating decisive campsite attributes using relevance-determinance analysis. Tourism Management, 59, 226-233. [Impact factor 2015: 3.140]
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  5. Dužević, I., Mikulić, J., Baković, T. (2016). An Extended Framework for Analyzing Higher Education PerformanceTotal Quality Management & Business Excellence. Accepted for publication. [Impact factor 2015: 0.896]
  6. Šerić, M., Mikulić, J., Gil-Saura, I. (2016). Exploring relationships between customer-based brand equity and its drivers and consequences in the hotel context. An impact-asymmetry assessment. Current Issues in Tourism. Accepted for publication. [Impact factor 2015: 1.733]
  7. Dumičić, K., Mikulić, J., Čeh Časni, A. (2016).  Tourism spending behaviour before and after the 2008 Financial Crisis: A dynamic panel investigationTourism Economics, doi: 10.5367/te.2015.0528. [Impact factor 2014: 0.515] 
  8. Mikulić, J., Krešić, D., Prebežac, D., Miličević, K., Šerić, M. (2016).  Identifying drivers of destination attractiveness in a competitive environment: A comparison of approachesJournal of Destination Marketing & Management, 5(2), 154-163. [Impact factor 2015: 1.176]
  9. Mikulić, J., Krešić, D., Miličević, K., Šerić, M., Ćurković, B. (2016). Destination attractiveness drivers among urban hostel tourists: An analysis of frustrators and delightersInternational Journal of Tourism Research, 18(1), 74–81. [Impact factor 2015: 1.095]
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  12. Mikulić, J., Krešić, D., Kožić, I. (2015). Critical factors of the maritime yachting tourism experience: An impact-asymmetry analysis of principal components. Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing, 32(Sup1), S30-S41. [Impact factor 2015: 1.741]
  13. Kožić, I., Mikulić, J. (2014). Research Note: Measuring tourism sustainability – an empirical comparison of different weighting procedures used in modelling composite indicators. Tourism Economics, 20(2), 429-438. [Impact factor 2014: 0.515] 
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  17. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D. (2012). Using dummy regression to explore asymmetric effects in tourist satisfaction: A cautionary note. Tourism Management. 33(3), 713-716. [Impact factor 2011: 2.597]
  18. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D. (2011). Evaluating hotel animation programs at Mediterranean sun and sea resorts: An impact-asymmetry analysis. Tourism Management, 32(3), 688-696. [Impact factor 2011: 2.597]
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  19. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D. (2011). Rethinking the importance grid as a research tool for quality managers. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, 22(9), 993-1006. [Impact factor 2011: 0.589]
  20. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D. (2011). A critical review of techniques for classifying quality attributes in the Kano Model. Managing Service Quality, 21(1), 46-66. [Impact factor 2011: 0.642]
    >>>>Managing Service Quality Top 20 Most Downloaded Articles in 2011.
  21. Mikulić, J., Prebežac, D. (2011). What drives passenger loyalty to traditional and low-cost airlines? A formative partial least squares approach. Journal of Air Transport Management, 17(4), 237-240. [Impact factor 2011: 0.907]
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    Radovi u drugim WOS časopisima / Articles in other WOS journals:

  23. Šerić, M., Gil-Saura, I. Mikulić, J. (2016). Customer-based brand equity building: Empirical evidence from Croatian upscale hotels. Journal of Vacation Marketing, doi: 10.1177/1356766716634151, In press, 1-12
  24. Mikulić, J., Miličević, K., Krešić, D. (2016). The relationship between brand strength and tourism intensity: Empirical evidence from the EU capital citiesInternational Journal of Culture, Tourism, and Hospitality Research, 10(1), 14-23.
  25. Hernaus, T., Mikulić, J. (2014). Work characteristics and work performance of knowledge workersEuroMed Journal of Business, 9(3), 268-292.

              Recenzirani radovi u drugim časopisima / Refereed articles in other journals:
  1. Šerić, M., Gil-Saura, I. Mikulić, J. (2016). Exploring Integrated Marketing Communications, brand awareness, and brand image in hospitality marketing: A cross-cultural approach. Tržište/Market, 28(1), In press.
  2. Mikulić, J., Vlaić, V. (2013). Analiza navika mladih Hrvata u međunarodnim turističkim putovanjima. Zbornik Ekonomskog fakulteta u Zagrebu, 11(2), 55-74.
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Poglavlja u knjizi / Book chapters:

  1. Kožić, I., Mikulić, J., Krešić, D. (2016). Propensity to Travel: What Is the Macro-Data Telling Us?. In Impact Assessment in Tourism Economics. Springer International Publishing, pp. 9-22.
  2. Mikulić, J., Krešić, D., Miličević, K. (2016). Key-Driver Analysis with Extended Back-Propagation Neural Network Based Importance-Performance Analysis (BPNN-IPA). In Intelligent Decision Making in Quality Management. Springer International Publishing, pp. 447-461.
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Recenzirani radovi u zbornicima konferencija / Refereed conference papers:

  1. Šerić, M., Gil-Saura, I. Mikulić, J. (2015). Marketing communications, brand awareness, and brand image. An analysis of customer perceptions from the cross-cultural perspective. CROMAR Conference Proceedings, "Marketing Theory and Practice - Building Bridges and Fostering Collaboration", University of Split, Croatia. 
  2. Grilec Kaurić, A., Mikulic, J., Schroeder, M. (2015). Supply Chain Management in Tourism Systems: A Comprehensive Review of the Literature. 3rd International OFEL Conference on Governance, Management and Entrepreneurship, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 626-639. 
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Sažeci/izlaganja na međunarodnim znanstvenim skupovima / Conference abstracts/presentations:

  1. Barišić, P., Škorić, S., Mikulić, J. (2016). Evaluating success of promotion campaign for major sports event: The case of FIBA Eurobasket 2015, Croatia. STC’16 Sport Tourism Conference – Red, green and blue strategies, University Zagreb, Croatia, 37.
  2. Mikulić, J., Dabić, M., Prebežac, D. (2015). 15 Years of Destination Branding Research: Mapping a Propulsive Area of Study. 3rd World Research Summit for Tourism and Hospitality, Orlando, Florida.
  3. Škare, V., Ozretić Došen, Đ., Komarac, T., Mikulić, J. (2015). Towards Understanding Consumers' Acceptance Of Location-Based Services In Mobile Applications. 6th EMAC Regional Conference, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria.
  4. Gil-Saura, I., Mikulić, J., Šerić, M., Mollá, A. (2014). Creation of Customer-based brand Equity in the hospitality Industry: A Study In Croatian upscale hotels. EMAC 2014 - 43rd Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, Universitat de València, Valencia, Spain.
  5. Grilec Kaurić, A., Mikulić, J., Lovrenčić Butković, L. (2014). Perspectives of fashion design as a part of the creative industry – Case of the Croatian fashion designers. 3rd International M-Sphere Conference, Zadar, Croatia.
  6. Mikulić, J., Kožić, I., Krešić, D. (2013). Weighting Indicators of Tourism Sustainability, 63rd AIEST Conference, Izmir, Turkey.
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  9. Prebežac, D., Mikulić, J. (2007). Tourism Destination Awareness and Image of Canada among Croatian Students of Economics and Business. 2nd International Conference in Canadian Studies Questioning Identities: The Canadian Context, Rab, Croatia.

Radovi u nastajanju / Working papers:


Rječnici, leksikoni, enciklopedije:

  • Previšić, J. (2011). Leksikon marketinga. Ekonomski fakultet - Zagreb. Koautor pojmova.

Doktorska disertacija / PhD thesis:


Magistarski rad / Master thesis:

  • Istraživanja u funkciji upravljanja kvalitetom usluga zračnih luka (2006),
    (The role of market research in quality management of airport services)
    Ekonomski fakultet - Zagreb.

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